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Editorial "Cadena del amor" (Chain of Love)

These books has been dictated to Mercedes Miranda by Jesus since 1981. What for? To enrich you as a human being and as a son of God.

Why do we do this, when it would be more profitable to publish all kinds of books?
We publish the books with Jesus´ Teachings, exclusively because it´s the only thing that is essential. This is how Jesus asked us to do it in order to make his Commandment of love stand out since tis is what the world needs urgently today.

Do you agree with Jesus that we need to love one another the same way Jesus love us?
That´s why the work done by the Editorial "Cadena del Amor" is very important, in order to universalize Jesus´ present Teachings, motivating us to live his magnificent Commandment of Love. This is how you and all human beings will have the privilege to know them and live them.

Therefore, our main interest, enthusiasm and effort as Publishers is to work, so you can recieve Jesus´ Teachings in a complete, truthful and worthy way.
You deserve this exclusiveness!
Make good use of it!
Jesus also deserves this exclusiveness!
Please give it to him!
We know that you will soon transform into a link of the efforts made by this Editorial, to make Jesus Commandment triumph in the heart of each human being. Buy these extraordinary books today.

Be part of Jesus´ success, by building your own success in Jesus´ Plan, and you will also be part of the construction of humankind´ success.

I want to tell you that the success of these books with Jesus´ Teachings is very particular success.
This particular success is due exclusively to the loyalty of its readers, who beside reading them, are constantly recommending them to others.
These people are people like you, intelligent, sensitive, and enthusiastic like Jesus (Jesus had these qualities and many more!) These intelligent, sensitive and enthusiastic people belong to any social level, to any race, and nationality. Teachers, psychologists, psychiatrist, scientist, religious, parents, adults, young people and children.
Not only do they read these books, they are also recommending them to others.

Why do people recommend reading these books with Jesus´ Teachings?
Because by reading these books the readers transform themselves.
1.-Into people with inner strength to overcome their doubts, their fears and their depression.
2.-Into people each time more intelligent, more sensitive and even more enthusiastic, the result...
3.-Into people useful to humankind. All these people are working so that human beings, who believe in Jesus with an adult faith, we are able to live the great Commandment of Jesus, to love one another just as Jesus loves us.

The fulfillment of this Commandment raise us in a personal way as collectively.
Can you imagine what this country would be like if all of us, who believe in Jesus love one another as Jesus loves us?
Can you imagine what the entire Continent would be like if intelligent people who believe in Jesus, would love one another as Jesus loves us?
Can you imagine what our world would be like if human beings, love one another as Jesus loves us?

Through this web site, you would be able to purchase the books with Jesus´ Teachings, so you can also enrich yourselves spiritually by reading them.
So together with you and everyone else, we can live soon the extraordinary Commandment to love one another just as Jesus loves us.


The Editor